We’re hard at work making your work easier.

In each of our service territories, our local team serves you like family.

You call, we answer. You need it, we bring it.

Without the right partner, you feel incomplete…

Your projects are serious business. We know that it takes a collaboration between your team and ours to pull it off without a hitch. As the Northeast’s premier provider of rentals, sales, parts, service, and safety training, we make it our mission to deliver the complete set of machinery and resources you need to keep building.

Our goal is to enable you to do the right caliber of work, meet the right deadlines, and get the job done right the first time. From your first call to us, our helpful reps serve you like dedicated managers and advocates, doing everything in their power to empower you, your team, and your company’s reputation.

Why contract with Complete?

Fully Independent
Our massive fleet, skilled personnel, and in-house trucking and road service enable us to offer rapid reliable service across the NY, NJ, and PA regions.
Well Established
We understand your project needs, challenges, and budget. As your expert advisor, we offer you the most efficient and cost effective equipment.
Highly Capable
Our ability to fulfill large orders at record speed is a great source of pride at Complete. Bring us your challenges and watch us rise to the occasion.
Creative Thinkers
With decades of combined field experience, our staff understands the specific needs of each project and works hard to anticipate issues that may arise.
Personally Invested
We believe that, to build a good company, you have to keep good company. Our people are the best because they care deeply and Completely.
Uniquely Prepared
When others in the Northeast don’t carry it, rest assured it’s already in our catalogue. Specialty items are our specialty—so ask and we will deliver!

Serving builders, makers, and doers.

Below is a sampling of the vast and varied applications we specialize in:

General Construction

Restoration & Remodeling

Commercial Development

Highway and Government Contracting

Glazing Construction

Aviation & Aerospace

Retail Construction

Concrete & Masonry

Electrical Contracting

Disaster Recovery

Facilities Maintenance

Engineering & Architecture

Window Fabrication

Amusement & Theme Park

HVAC & Plumbing

Mining & Minerals

Logistics & Transportation

Roofing & Solar Coverings

Power Distribution

Warehousing & Utilities

Glazing Construction

Disaster Recovery

HVAC & Plumbing

Warehousing & Utilities

Will you Complete us?

Our team is always searching for like-minded individuals with a love for collaboration, communication, customer service and, of course, heavy machinery.

​Local Positions Across NJ, NY, & PA

Supportive Compensation

Competitive Benefits Package

Safety Certification & Training